Home Alarms & CCTV

Home security is essential for any house, bungalow or apartment/flat.

Burglary crime is huge in the UK, and if you want to have your home protected, then there are certain steps that you need to take.

There are thousands of burglary cases in the UK each year, and only around 7% of them are actually solved. This is an upsetting statistic, but the numbers make reasonable sense.

The importance of home alarm systems and CCTV is to not only assist in finding out who committed the crime but actually to prevent the crime happening in the first place.


Burglary In The UK

Burglary cases in the UK over the past ten years have actually decreased. This is due to the new technology of the security systems that are being fitted to people’s homes. However, there are still a lot of cases, and there are still a lot of houses without any home security equipment at all. It’s almost a coincidence, right?

With so few burglary cases actually being solved, there is a lot of trauma and stress in the process of being a victim of one of these cases. Many families every year over the country are left scared and worried with sleepless nights due to these events.

So, how can you prevent this terrible thing from happening to your home?


Home Alarms

Home alarms in simple, let the homeowner and police know when a home is broken into. This then will provide for the next step, which will be the police actually being sent out to your home to try and stop the burglar as soon as they can. However, there is a slight problem with that.

Most burglaries only take a matter of minutes to complete. Therefore, by the time the police arrive, the burglar has already gotten away. A solution for this is to try and prevent the whole situation from occurring in the first place. This can be done by fitting a clearly visible home alarm system on the outside of your home, in an attempt to try and put off the burglar from continuing. It is worth also noting that many different types of alarms are used for different homes and areas.


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is one of the most common forms of security for commercial places of work. However, it is also becoming more commonly used in domestic households. CCTV is the process of strategically placing cameras around the area that you want to be secure. This is then used as a trap for any burglars as they will then be recorded on video while they are committing the crime.

However, burglars wear masks that cover their face, so what would be the benefit of having a CCTV system set up? Burglars wearing masks will obviously be very hard to find based solely on just video evidence. However, with visible warning signs claiming that there is an active CCTV system in the household; this usually is enough to stop anyone from burgling your home.

How Long Does It Take For The Systems To Be Installed?

We and the police recommend that you only get a high-quality security company to fit these systems. As you have to the next step to purchase these systems, you will want it done correctly to ensure peace of mind and that your money is well spent.

Home Alarms

A home alarm system can take just a few hours to install, depending on the actual system that is being put in place. Other security systems can either take a shorter or longer amount of time, depending on the actual alarm system and the people who will be fitting it.


It is hard to put a timeframe on how long a CCTV system would take to be installed. This is due to every household needing a different amount of cameras. The maximum time it would take to fit a solid CCTV system would be around 2 days.

house alarm systems fitted


Now that you have this information about home alarms and CCTV systems, your house security is now dependant on you.

Getting started with your next security steps can be daunting. However, our team are always here to help by answering questions and providing expert advice.

It is predicted that burglaries will continue to drop over the next few years, but this is most likely only going to count if your home has these basic security systems that are pushing these burglars away.

It is important to remember that it is not only specific items that go missing, but your family’s safety and peace of mind will also be taken for a matter of months or even years.