Home Alarms in the UK

While journaling your list of essentials, how often do you consider prioritising your safety on the list? You may be comfortable with the tradition of checking the door, and the process of installing, arming, disarming, maintenance, and dealing with false alarms may seem to be a hassle for you. Running after a thief, waiting for the cops to arrive, handling the situation yourself in case of an emergency seems congenial. Yet, all of these efforts at the question of your safety seem futile.

Reconsider asking yourself, is all of this the best of what you can do in concern to the security of your loved ones and your valuables? With modern technology, home security over the years has evolved to home alarm systems.

According to research, only 32% of British householders have home alarms. It is overwhelming to see that people still do not realise the plethora of advantages and importance of a proper security and damage control setup. It is about time to see house alarm systems as a necessity rather than just an expensive luxury.


With the increase in the burglary rate in the UK, it is imperative that you must have knowledge and awareness of house alarms and which one would ideally suit your needs. And thus, your search for safety has landed you on the correct page.

Having spotlighted the above issues and concerns, we take the pleasure to introduce our range of home alarm systems to you.

At Aces Tech, we offer you an exhaustive range of quality products to fit your requirements. We have an impressive and experience background of over 25 years in the electronic security and IT field.

Let’s make your houses safe together!

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Types of Home Alarms

When we talk about house alarm systems, people generally tend to assume many clunky cables and wires lying around the front door and limit their knowledge to a few categories of home alarm systems. Let us take you through all our enticing products.

  1. Wireless House Alarm Systems: Quit the complex process of wiring and go cable-free. Easy to set up and monitor and flexible to operate. You can connect the system to other devices and, also the best wireless home technology will alert the local authorities.
  2. Burglar / Intruder House Alarm Systems: The fact that you’re not going to be in or around your premises 24/7 makes it the foremost reason to install home alarms. These alarms not only protect you but also deters crime and creates a safer neighborhood for everyone.
  3. Fire Home Alarm Systems: With our fire alarms, we want to make sure you’re protected from any threat of smoke or electrical blazes. Our house alarms are the best and fully operational in fire detection. They not only alert you but also notify the emergency services.
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Security Solutions

Why Aces Tech?

Our team of engineers and professionals abide by the principle of serving you above, earning profits and revenue. We believe in delivering efficient security solutions without compromising on quality standards. To make your experience enhanced and satisfactory, we make sure to use the latest innovations and advanced features.

Our team has a thorough and in-depth study and research of our equipment and can provide excellent advice on the home alarm systems. We also invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure that all necessary standards are met.

The products we offer are reliable, energy-saving, and provide a central monitoring station as well. We try to improve and upgrade our product services and get better and better each day. We cannot put a price on your safety, but our products are cost-effective. You can go through our range of packages before selecting the one that comforts and satisfies you.

We also strive to generate zero waste, which allows us to offer excellent prices to our customers, facilitated with current technologies, standard operating procedures, and recognised practised models.


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Installations and Bookings

You tell us your needs, and from design to installation to support – our team will have the plan laid for you. You have to rest assured. We do not want our customers to go through the tiresome and tedious process of installing the house alarms alone. Your friend, your assistance is here! Fitting and installing a house alarm system usually takes about a few hours.

We understand that it may seem like a considerable investment for somebody new to the home security system services. And hence, keeping your comfort in mind, we offer you the facility of booking a FREE survey! You can also contact us or visit our store.

You can now be stress-free and make room for your peace of mind. At the same time, we are making sure that your homes are secured and looked after by our alarms!



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