What is a CCTV?

Only a few are aware of what does CCTV stand for. Also known as Analog cameras, CCTV is an abbreviation for “Closed Circuit Television” and is commonly recognised for its video surveillance facilities. It is an electronic closed television system where the signals are not distributed publicly. This means that unlike your standard TV set, which broadcasts the video footage to the public large, a CCTV publishes only to a limited number of monitors.

What is CCTV used for?

Knowing there is a vast difference between a camera and a CCTV camera system is essential. A CCTV is not used for clicking pictures but instead serves as a strong record-holder and evidence to deter crime, vandalism or any other act of robbery and break-ins. Unlike a camera, CCTV is not portable and is mounted outside premises to provide monitoring and 24/7 surveillance indoors and outdoors on a property.

Apart from crime management, CCTV has multiple uses and applications, such as monitoring traffic, street and community and employee performance. In situations of a disaster, such as a fire in a building, CCTV cameras installed can help the rescue team view the situation from inside with the help of these connected cameras and accordingly help them map out their plan of action. Many commercial and domestic property owners also install CCTV cameras on their premises’ entry and exit points to boost security. Thus, it is a one-time solution for all sorts of real-time monitoring requirements and to keep a tab on all the activities from anywhere in the world.

Does CCTV Work Without the Internet?

One of CCTV’s most impressive and relieving features is that it works incredibly well without an internet or Wi-Fi connection. Property owners will be amazed to know that it works seamlessly without electricity. Thus, no matter the situation, whether it is pitch dark without light or there is a network arrangement, your CCTV camera without internet will continue monitoring, capturing, recording and remaining functional 24/7.

An internet connection is required only when one wants the footage to be accessed remotely. In a way, it is ideal for installing a camera without an internet connection as this way; it can be kept away from cyber-attacks, hacking and phishing.

What Does an IP Camera Do?

An IP camera system, also known as an Internet Protocol camera, is a digital security camera that sends and receives video recordings over an IP network. Similar to a phone or a computer, IP cameras are connected to a local network and do not require a local recording device for surveillance.

How Do I know if My Camera is an IP Camera?

Upon overlooking a camera, it would be rather difficult to guess the category of the camera system, but a physical inspection will help. IP cameras are distinctively different from CCTV or analogue cameras as these digital cameras have an ethernet port on their back or are connected to a wire with a port for audio.

Moreover, on examining, you will also come across a central recording system. IP cameras use a recording device or a network video recorder with decoders which is absent in CCTV cameras.

Can IP Cameras Work Without Internet?

If you are wondering how do IP cameras work without the internet. Let us tell you they can work, but only the wired IP cameras, not the wireless ones. A wired IP camera will continue to record and monitor its video surveillance. But, it is essential to note that without an internet connection, an IP camera will not be able to share footage remotely or store its recordings on a cloud network.

CCTV vs IP Cameras: Which is Better?

While both analogue and digital cameras have benefits and drawbacks, an IP camera has far better capabilities than a CCTV camera. IP cameras have better resolutions, and multiple systems can be added to one network. Since these cameras can be wired into a local network, they are far superior to CCTV cameras in terms of functionality and scalability. While selecting between CCTV vs IP, it would be wise to go for IP cameras and bring a modern solution to your home or business rather than an outdated one.

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