Installing a security camera never came with a compulsion. It has always been upon the property owners’ discretion to invest in these electronic devices. But keeping in mind the current scenario of rampant crime, theft and robbery cases, installing a CCTV in your premise will only be an invaluable addition.

Thanks to the ever-expanding technology, you have multiple choices to select from. Therefore, unlike in the older days, you do not have to settle with any camera available on the shelf; instead, you can plan your priorities, set aside a budget and then zero down on a security camera that meets your requirements.

Planning is vital, but understanding what your home or business property needs is even more essential. Thus, at Aces Tech, we have a range of CCTV cameras, such as Wireless cameras, Dome Cameras, Bullet Cameras, IP cameras and many more! A wireless camera keeps you away from all the wire tangling issues while still capturing quality recording. On the other hand, an HD Bullet camera would be a classic camera with the feature of LED light rings that can capture even in the dark.

Each camera will provide fantastic features. Instead of getting confused, prepare a checklist and select your ideal camera that syncs your security goals and budget.

What Places Should Security Cameras Be Placed?

After selecting the right camera, the most crucial and challenging step would where to exactly to install a camera. The camera placement varies for each property, and there is no mandatory guideline as to the exact place for the camera seating arrangement. You must scrutinise all the corners of your premise and list all the possible spots for camera placement. Investing in a CCTV would prove relatively useless if the camera is situated in a different area.

Irrespective of whether you own a large or small property, look around the premises and note all the areas you intend to cover, indoor and outdoor. These areas would include all the entry and exit points. Now, apart from the seeable entry door, if you own a parking space, a garden area, a basement, a backyard, a garage or a back door which may not be visible to an outsider but provide direct access to your property – you must install CCTV at all these places. Apart from the doors, you must check for any blind spots.

It is essential to have security cameras placed near the windows or at the angle that covers your windows and any other vulnerable spot.

How to Install Security Cameras Outdoors?

After you have shortlisted your camera and decided all the spots and locations where you would want to place these cameras, the next step is to understand how to install security cameras outdoors.

  • Create a Plan: After mapping out your outdoor plans, ensure each location has a clear line of sight without any element obstructing the view. Also, ensure your cameras are shielded from the sunlight or any other extreme weather condition such as rain, snow or floods.
  • Prepare a Camera Mount: Drill a hole in the wall, run the cables, connect the wires to the power source (if you are using a wired camera), and install and place the camera. Make sure to position the camera in a way that is hard to reach by intruders but it can efficiently capture all movements and activities.
  • Download the Affiliated App: Once your camera is installed, you need to check for the Wi-Fi connection and install the respective camera software application in your devices to receive the remote footage of your CCTV.
  • Test: As soon as all the above procedures are completed, you must test your camera to make sure you can depend on this electronic gadget and have peace of mind.

The CCTV camera installation process can sometimes be tricky. Despite this guide, if you still face difficulty, connect with Aces Tech’s specialists for your service and assistance.

Pro Tips for Security Camera Installation

Before the installation process:

– Scan whether your camera is working and has no crack on the glass.
– Recheck the angles and measurements before placing your CCTV.
– Check for the power source.

While installing the camera:

– Place it at a downward slope angle always.
– Decide whether you want your camera to be visible or discreet. If you want thieves to notice the camera, then you could select a big wired camera. Otherwise, you could go for a bullet or dome camera. These cameras are not visible easily but provide quality HD recordings.

Remember that each camera will provide fantastic and impeccable features, maybe one better. But installing a camera is personal to all. Always install a camera that meets your security needs; do not invest in the one your relatives and friends recommend.

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