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More and more technology is going wireless. This goes for alarm systems at home as well as at work! Aces Tech supplies a variety of low cost wireless alarm kits for you to put to use either for your property or for your business premises.

Easy to set up and monitor, we have multiple wireless house alarm solutions to ensure that any intruders are immediately deterred from trying to access your premises. The best wireless alarm system, however, isn’t just one which deters would-be criminals.

It’s one which will alert the relevant authorities as soon as possible, and which will always be simple for you to check and manage behind the scenes. This way, you will always be able to check and adjust your wireless alarm settings to fit your precise needs from day to day.

If you’re considering a wireless alarm system near me or need a low cost wireless alarm with camera at short notice, be sure to keep reading and to contact our team with any queries or concerns you may have.

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A low cost 3 zone wireless alarm kit is a fantastic entry-level choice. Ideal for smaller homes, you can easily set up invisible perimeters around your property, meaning that would-be intruders are immediately deterred on approach.

A top 3 zone kit is also one of the easiest to set up and manage over time, meaning that it is well worth considering as a primary option if you have never handled a wireless alarm before.

We’re pleased to support the best quality 4 zone wireless alarm kits solutions available in the region. This size of kit is often our first recommendation for most needs. Set up a simple alarm trigger that covers front and back – two for either door of your home – or, one for each external wall. The choice is yours, but this level of coverage is likely to work well for most building and homeowners.

A low cost 5 zone wireless alarm kit is our mid-range option, and as a result, it’s a great pick for small homes as well as smaller business premises. 5 zones will likely give you more than enough scope to protect the exterior of your building.

Why not consider setting up a 5 zone wireless alarm with camera solution attached? The 5 zone standard is made infinitely more secure and easy to manage with a great CCTV system alongside. Be sure to take a look at our digital camera solutions as well as recorders so that you have full access to your perimeter.

We would generally advise taking on a top 6 zone wireless alarm kit if you have a larger business premises, a bigger home than most in then neighbourhood, or if you are running a small construction or building site.

These alarm kits go above the norm in terms of outward protection, meaning that they will likely be the safest option for your home or business if you are already struggling to fight back intruders or would-be criminals.

Our fantastic 7 zone wireless alarm kits are towards the upper end of our packages, meaning that if you have a larger premises than most which you need to cover, we’d recommend looking at 7 zones as a priority.

Rather than investing in a cheap wireless alarm installation that only covers one or two doors, a full 7 zone system will allow you to completely sweep your outer perimeter without having to physically be at the premises.

Our best quality wireless home alarm and commercial alarm systems come with 8 fantastic zones. An 8 zone wireless alarm kit gives you unbeatable coverage and access to all your entry and exit points. Therefore, you won’t even need to be on site to be able to see what’s going on at any given moment.

If you’re really unsure how many zones you actually need, it’s better to choose more to be careful! Better safe than sorry!


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One Solution Multiple Benefits

What are the benefits?

There are infinite benefits to a properly operated CCTV system. Not only will you be able to identify, respond to and review security breaches and incidents related to safety, you will also have a new insight into any accidents which may happen on site, which can be particularly useful for companies in sectors such as manufacturing, construction or hospitality and leisure.

Security Solutions

Choosing the Best Wireless Alarm System

house alarm systems fitted

Homes across London – as well as businesses and construction sites – are taking up the best quality wireless alarm systems available to them. This is all because security is a genuine concern in the modern age, more so than ever before.

If you want to offer your family, your home, or your business the ultimate in protection, it’s time to consider picking the best wireless alarm system to fit your needs, and not just your budget.

Take a look at our range of packages and do make a point of contacting Aces Tech further for advice regarding installation, maintenance, and general control. We’re here to help – call before you buy!

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